Backup Water Supply for Guests

You asked, we listened! Following the recent devastating floods in Kwazulu-Natal, much infrastructure damage occurred, leaving many areas without access to municipal water - including our hotel. We have since had two JoJo tanks installed, with a total capacity of 10 000L which are connected to a system that will activate should the municipal water supply not be available, thereby supplying our hotel with a backup supply of fresh water. We apologise to those guests that experienced the outage, and thank you all for your support during a very tricky time.

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KZN Floods – How you can help

After being hit by devastating floods across the Kwazulu-Natal province, many humanitarian organisations have stepped in with relief effort plans to assist communities in need – many without access to electricity, water, clothing and basic food stuffs. We’ve put together a list of organisations that you can help:- GIFT OF THE GIVERS Gift of the Givers lists hot meals, blankets, bottled water, warm clothes, sanitary pads and diapers as the most immediate requirements for those in low-lying areas who have lost their possessions. Anyone who wants to donate via Gift of the [...]

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What to pack for a trip to Durban

Durban is known for its humid, sub-tropical climate with year-round summery, balmy conditions, which can make it somewhat confusing to decide what to pack for a trip. We’ve compiled a handy guide for you below: - If you are staying at the coast, all you’ll basically need for a visit at any time of the year is warm weather clothing. Pack light clothes in breathable fabrics – short sleeve shirts, shorts and sundresses are best. For cooler evenings, a simple cardigan or light jacket should be more than ample, leaving you to [...]

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5 Unique things about Durban

With South Africa being such a geographically large, and culturally diverse country, each main city possesses very unique traits, not just in terms of attractions on offer, cuisine types and lifestyle, but also in it’s very ‘essence’ Durban is a very special place. While it’s difficult to capture the true essence in words, or even with images, there are some unique things that we love about Durban that you won’t find anywhere else.   Lingo Don’t be surprised if you overhear the odd phrase or conversation that doesn’t make much sense. There’s [...]

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Exclusive Use Packages

Birthdays, reunions, down-time escapes, or any special occasion... It's challenging to be able to have some meaningful time with close friends and family outside the home while being able to enjoy some privacy, and feel safe at the same time, we know. It may seem impossible to organise anything special, so that's why we encourage you to escape to Endless Horizons Boutique Hotel! Imagine having the entire hotel to yourself and your closest 22 guests. You have safety and privacy, and you get to have exclusive use of all our facilities. We're [...]

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