We all know the necessary lockdown period is pretty tricky. We’re all adjusting to new routines and adapting to new ways of doing things. During this time, it’s important (and comforting!) to eat properly, and make the most of every item in our pantries. Gone are the days of dashing to the shops every five minutes for that item we’ve forgotten, and frankly that’s actually quite nice…!

Our Group Chef Gordon, who also creates the dishes at Wildekrans Wine Estate, has decided to share some tips and recipes to feed your family during this time. All hearty, good, wholesome and easy, realistic dishes that anyone can make. There are no fancy deli-type ingredients needed, so don’t fret – this series has been designed around basic, standard household ingredients that are a general standard in most kitchens, lockdown or not. In some cases, Gordon couldn’t find his usual must-have ingredient, and he shows you some substitutes.

In true lockdown style, where what we referred to as ‘normal life’ and human interaction is a precious commodity that we all miss, we have purposely left these videos as raw and natural as possible, so enjoy the realness of Gordon’s kitchen, and stay tuned as we upload more as we go!

Stay safe, stay well, and eat well!


Butter chicken is a firm favourite for many people – but it often seems intimidating to make, as many recipes seem so complicated and filled with a long list of ingredients. Once you’ve watched Gordon cooking his version, you’ll be making this confidently and quickly in no time – with just a few key pantry staples.



What about the flat-bread that was in the butter chicken video? Here’s how to make it – with only two ingredients!



The flat breads are so incredibly versatile (and easy), that Gordon shows you how to make a delicious lunch with them, starting with some home-made guacamole.



And no guacamole is complete without a nice zesty salsa to add a bit of crunch to that perfect lunch-time treat. Bon appetit!



The next recipe Gordon shows you is a dish he is making for dinner for his family. It could also work really well as a nice lazy weekend breakfast – and when we said simple, we meant simple…! See how he brings two cans of baked beans to life with some basic pantry staples.



We’ve had some amazing savoury dishes from Gordon so far, but lockdown certainly doesn’t mean that a nice dessert is forbidden! Take a look at what you can do with a pineapple, yoghurt, and any biscuits you might have in your stash…



With the first cold spell of the season hitting Gordon’s home, it was definitely time for a hearty, warming plate of comfort food. With loads of veggies, his Coq au vin is a dish packed with goodness, and not too fussy or fiddly to make.



There is nothing worse than running out of mayo… Watch how to make your own with Gordon today. (And yes, we know the thought conjures visions of needing a fancy machine and patience to add oil one drop at a time). Our version is nothing like that, we promise!




While it’s really important right now to stay at home and avoid unnecessary trips to the shops, we know that Easter is a time when we are used to certain treats. Therefore, Gordon has decided to show you how to make your own hot cross buns to enjoy with your family this weekend.



If any of you are planning a braai (barbecue) this weekend, then these two salads are for you! Remember the hot/cold rule that Gordon mentions for maximum flavour…



With the sudden, unplanned lockdown extension, many of us are ill-prepared in terms of grocery essentials. It looks like Gordon is going to need to head out to the shops after all – but see how he makes a huge and tasty meal for his family using the last items in his pantry…



Nothing beats a warming and comforting plate of delicious lamb curry on a chilly autumn’s evening. Don’t worry too much about duplicating every single ingredient here. This is a simple and versatile dish and you can substitute items if you need to!



Who can resist a good home-made pea soup! This video shows a nice, simple recipe with some great ideas for serving, plus a tip to bring out the flavours at the end. This is another recipe that can stretch really far to feed a hungry family. Enjoy!



The perfect pan-toasted sarmie using left-over curry… Yes please! This one was extremely difficult to watch and upload as now we are obsessed with making and eating one of these, and it’s not anywhere near a mealtime yet! To be enjoyed with a bowl of soup, a side-salad or some crispy fries – this is a great way to turn some leftovers into a gourmet sandwich of note!



Pap is an extremely popular porridge-style side dish in South Africa that goes well with meaty dishes and forms a staple diet for many people. By special request, Gordon shows you how to make a version inspired by Welsh Rarebit – creamy, cheesy, with the nice sharp flavours of mustard and beer / cider coming through.



For the next batch of videos, Gordon is going to arm you with some restaurant tricks – tips on how to make certain oils, sauces and sides that will dress up even the simplest meal. Today, we’re going to take a look at the colourful sauce that has most meat-lovers going crazy – chimichurri sauce. There are a few variations of this recipe. Gordon has made this version with what he had in his pantry and garden, so don’t worry if like him, you need to improvise too. This is lockdown cooking after all!



Another winner on any table is some tasty herb oil to use as a dressing. Watch Gordon’s super-easy method to make a vibrant oil very quickly without having to wait out a lengthy infusion process. This recipe is a great way to use up any soft herb leaves before they start spoiling.



Remember not to discard those beautiful herbs that you strained off, as we’re going to need them when we make our lemon and herb aioli below. This is a versatile sauce that goes so well with fish, steaks, fatty meat dishes – and even wraps and baked potatoes!