How are you coping during the lockdown? It’s certainly an interesting time with some challenges – and yet many opportunities. For those of you that may have cabin-fever, or have been put on leave and  are starting to feel the boredom knocking, try some of these ideas to make the most of your time at home:-



  • Don’t follow negative headlines and fake news – I think this is our number one tip for now. We are being totally bombarded with news, social media posts, personal chat groups absolutely flooded with memes, sensationalist and un-verified posts, and utter doom and gloom… Stress and anxiety is known to weaken the immune system, so train yourself to ignore all the pieces of info that you think will make you feel bad. If you want to keep informed, then you can access the true and helpful information here:



  • Digital detox – while we’re on the topic of info overload, the lockdown period is a good time to do a digital detox. Start looking at your social media accounts and decide who to follow (and not). Clean out all your computer folders, change your passwords. Start working on a cleaner, newer slate for when lockdown comes to an end.


  • Learn something new – This is a great time to upskill yourself and you don’t need to invest anything except your time right now! There are loads of online courses being offered for free during lockdown, all you need to do is Google. If you are looking for something less heavy, like mastering a DIY project, then spend some on YouTube. You’re bound to find a suitable tutorial!


  • Bring the hotel to your home and do a home makeover – No need to feel like you’re missing out on a holiday while sitting at home. Home is your safe place after all. Spend some time decluttering, rearranging and giving new life to your décor items. Start a Pinterest board with some décor inspiration to turn your home into your own luxury hotel and just have fun!


  • Self-care – this is definitely an uncertain time for everyone, and a stressful and lonely time too. Be kind to yourself. Sleep in if you need to, make that cup of tea with extra love and spend some time mindfully drinking it, feeling the warmth, tasting the flavour… We would normally be gulping it at our desks absentmindedly. Now we can pause, be present, and be kind to ourselves. Paint your nails, make a natural conditioning mask for your hair, wear your fluffy bathrobe and just pretend you’re having a spa-day. Do what you need, for you.



  • Wishlist for life after the lockdown – Times like this definitely call for some optimism! Start making a list of all the things you’d like to do, see or buy once lockdown is lifted. Maybe your bathroom towels are looking tired, or you’d like to go hiking more often, or have some drinks with the crew … Whatever it is you would like to do after lockdown, write it down. Let the list grow. It can become a daily project, but it will certainly rewire the mind to a feeling of happy anticipation.


  • Plan your next holiday – No wish list is complete without a holiday included! Start researching and thinking about places and modes of travel you’d like to experience on your next trip. Will you stay somewhere local to help kickstart the economy? Ever traveled by steam-train? Seeking adrenaline, relaxation, or education…? Now’s the perfect time to plan and think what you really want!


Most importantly, stay home, stay safe and stay positive!